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“The Silencer” Wheel

Inspired by the Glockler and Petermax Muller special racers I recently customized a set of early VW Smoothie wheels with a drilled out hole pattern for weight reduction and added style. These wheels will be featured on the coming FF004 but here’s a quick glance at the outcome. I went with a semi gloss black … Continue reading “The Silencer” Wheel

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Press Page Now Live

RUNGE CARS has been featured in several Print, Television Fox 9,  Pod Casts including Cars Yeah, OverCrest,  Websites like StanceWorks, The Rake and Social Media including Jay Leno’s Garage with more unannounced features coming soon! Check out some of the great articles written by fellow enthusiasts:

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The “R1” Concept

The “R1” is a design I first sketched out in 1999. The R1 has been designed on the platform of Porsche 911 mechanicals with the RUNGE tubular mid engine chassis. The R1 has a 91″ Wheel base, sports a mid-engine 911 Porsche powerplant, tubular mild steel/monocoque chassis with 911 Steering rack and braking. Engine output runs 280HP with … Continue reading The “R1” Concept

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