Metalshaping Class

Metalshaping Class

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Chris Runge Metalshaping workshops cover coachbuilding techniques from beginner to advanced. Our students learn skills in taking a design into a Three Dimensional Wood Buck, Making Aluminum Tube Frame bucks off of the wood, Internal panel fabrication, external panel (skin) fabrication, Stretching and Shrinking Metal, English Wheel, Reciprocating Hammer, TIG Welding Aluminum, Oxy/Gas Welding Aluminum and numerous tips and tricks. 

Workshop Date: INQUIRE
Total Student #: 2
Instructor: Chris Runge 
What To Bring: Eye/Ear/Hand Protection, Welding Helmet, Notebook

Here's what our students have to say:  

"What a great day taking the Runge coach building class! I spent the day learning the techniques from Chris that he uses at Runge Cars to build some of the most incredible hand built cars ever been made. Not only did he spend time teaching me the history behind the techniques and their origins, but I also got hands on experience working with the metal, and the pieces of equipment used to built these cars. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in coach building, or metal work in general. Thanks again Chris for a great day in your shop! - Andy Mulholland" December 2018

From May 30 - June 1, 2018 " We covered buck building, how he makes his tube buck, different ways to shrink a panel, some English wheeling, annealing aluminum, welding aluminum, panel fitting, how to polish a panel, and many other techniques in the three days we were together. Chris is an excellent teacher who can think on his feet and explain in depth while also remaining clear. His ability to break down complex concepts into an understandable concept is phenomenal. I went into his class with a very basic understanding of panel shaping and had only one Lazze introductory class under my belt. I can honestly say I’ve more than doubled my understanding of how to manipulate metal and highly recommend this class to anyone looking to do the same."

Ryan K. 
"Gas Welding" Aluminum