Inspired by the post WWII "Eigenbau" racers of Germany, The Runge Flyer has quickly won over the hearts of auto enthusiasts worldwide. In 2011 Christopher Runge set out to build his own handcrafted, aluminum bodied racer. This car was inspired by the fearless men who built and raced their own cars across Postwar Europe. The likes of Walter Glockler, Petermax Muller and Otto Mathe all rallied their lightweight aluminum, air-cooled powered cars to victory in those glorious days.

In similar fashion the Runge Flyer is built on a steel tube frame with engine placed mid ship, just behind the cockpit. The body is hand formed aluminum panel work fitted to an aluminum "Superleicht" buck. 

The Flyer is designed to accept Four Cylinder Air-cooled power plants using a 4 speed custom built gearbox. 

Base Model Flyer Specs are as follows:

  • Steel Ladder/Tube Frame Construction
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes 
  • 5x205 Bolt Pattern "Wide Five" Wheels
  • 4 Speed "Longbox" transaxle (Highway cruising speeds are no problem)
  • 4 Cylinder Air-cooled (Engine Supplied/Installed by customer)
  • Polished Aluminum body
  • 2 Seat leather trimmed cockpit

Optional Equipment:

  •  Vintage/Period Mechanical Components
  • Qualifier Tank
  • Singleman Tonneau Cover/Windscreen
  • Removable or Fixed Canopy

Pricing available Upon Serious Inquiries.