RUNGE R2 Build Update

We are excited to share the build progress on the Runge "R2" commission. The R2 has been our most ambitious project to date. The stainless steel monocoque tub utilizes A arm suspension with adjustable coil overs and Brembo Discs. For Power, we utilized a Porsche 3.6L flat six air-cooled engine placed midship. This is a "Non-Vario" power plant from a 1995 Porsche 993. We are upgrading the engine with a Rasant GT3 Plenum and Motec management system and a custom FabSpeed Exhaust. This will produce an extra 30HP putting total output to an estimate 315HP.  The finished car is estimated to weigh 1800lbs. We sourced Speedline "TechArt" wheels to give the car an aggressive stance and great traction wrapped in Michelin tires.

The engine is mated to a 5 Speed Porsche gearbox with gears selected through a WEVO Short Shift system. The estimated top speed will be 165MPH. The car will also feature a 12V AC System from Classic Retrofit. Additionally, front and rear radar detectors along with a camera system will be installed. 

The body is hand formed aluminum wrapped over the Runge "Superleicht" aluminum tube form system and an integrated safety cage. The windshield is that of a Porsche 962. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Runge Cars!