FF004 Makes Jalopnik “Best Drive 2016”


Earlier this year Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky host of “Jason Drives” came out to the sub zero wind-chill of MN to test drive FF004. Despite frigid weather, Jason enjoyed his time and FF004 was named one of the “Best Drives of 2016”!

Here’s what Jason had to say:

“Normally, when it comes time to pick cars to drive for my me-driving-cars-weblevision show, Jason Drives, my first thought is almost always “what’s going to make me miserable or confused?” That’s because I’m usually convinced people will only want to watch me if I’m in some sort of peril or pain. Christopher Runge’s amazing handmade car left me delighted and engaged, so in that sense, it was an absolute failure.


In every other sense, though, the car is an absolute triumph. It’s inspired by the post-WWII home-built Volkswagen-based specials war-weary people built and raced, and Chris’ modern interpretation is the stripped-down essential soul of what a racecar is.

It’s handmade throughout, with a tube chassis and English Wheel’d and hammered aluminum skin wrapping a mid-mounted air-cooled flat-four. It’s like wearing motorized speed pants; driving this car is deeply mechanical and visceral. It’s almost more prosthetic than car, and it’s also likely one of the most raw, uncut, pure doses of driving joy I’ve experienced.


Also, it was cold as fuck when I drove it, so I’m happy to say people were still able to see me in a bit of pain. –Jason Torchinsky”


I’ve recently completed FF005. Here are a few photos of the build. The car was picked up by its new owner and driven 1,465 Miles in under 56 Hours back to New York!

FF006-RS and FF007 The Gullwing Coupe are both underway so stay tuned for more!


I am nearing the completion of my latest work, FF004. This project was very special in that I was able to utilize an original Ray Litz built 356 engine, LSD Getrag 4 Speed Transaxle and Pre A Brakes for mechanicals.

As you can see I gave the car a very unique but functional design cue with the “Suicide” doors. The influence came from the Heini Sauter Porsche special built in 1952. The idea was for “Ease of entrance and exit at rally checkpoints.”

I recently invested in a commercial grade polishing system. This is what restorers of vintage warbird airplanes use for a mirror finish. As you can see in the photos it is working well, and this is not the final polish!

The final numbers on this build should put it at about 1130LBS with 115HP. To find out more about build options email CRunge@TheMotoringJournal.com


“The Silencer” Wheel

Inspired by the Glockler and Petermax Muller special racers I recently customized a set of early VW Smoothie wheels with a drilled out hole pattern for weight reduction and added style. These wheels will be featured on the coming FF004 but here’s a quick glance at the outcome.

I went with a semi gloss black finish to accent the Porsche Pre A Drums being used on FF004.