RÜNGE automobiles are bespoke to each client desires. The process begins with a complimentary initial consultation* to determine performance, aesthetic and mechanical aspects of the build. Pricing is then established and a 30% deposit is required to launch the build. Balance is paid in monthly installments through delivery date. All orders are commissioned. Approximate wait time from order to delivery is currently 24 months.

Clients are welcome to visit our workshop at any time during the build process. We offer our clients the unique hands-on experience where they can spend a day learning to shape panels, building part of their car with our craftsmen. An experience like no other. Please inquire for pricing.

FF005 with owner/pilot Brian Aitken
Location: Upstate NY, 25 Degree Fahrenheit fullsizerender-2


*Complimentary consultation limited to 1 Hour. Standard shop rates apply.




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  1. Enjoyed the video of Tom running the engine. I’ve known Tom since the mid 60’s when I was a crazy teenager bugging him at the local VW-Porsche dealership. We’ve done a lot of engines and cars over the years including a “real” 914-6, my ’71 914, which he built a turbo for, and his helping me rebuild the engine on my ’67 beetle when I was in med school- learned valuable insite I’m still trying to use! Now I enjoy doing off-roading in the desert in his baja beetle. Tom is the true Energiser bunny!!

  2. Chris, I love what you are doing. I have a reproduction Special Edition/Beck 356 and love it but when I saw what you’re doing OMG! So very cool, I gotta win the lottery so I can commission a Runge FF.
    Thanks for making me dream.


  3. Excellent — No Doors, at last — Seriously Outstanding Craftsmanship!

    Ron Coughlin
    Hong Kong

  4. Hello. Saw your car at c and c today. Wanted to chat but you were pretty surrounded. Im wondering what your next move is. Will you keep it simple or will you be compelled to expand your company? If you decide to increase production i would very much like to work for your company. Thanks, Brett

  5. Please let me know when you are ready to sell one of the new production cars. I love them!

    Dr. B

  6. Chris, Love what you’re doing! I was in Alexindria on Sunday August 16th. My son and I would have loved to take a look at one of your builds. They really are fantastic. My folks live in Vining, MN. Maybe next time. Erik

  7. Very nice work Chris. I’ve only just come across this and it is excellent. Truly in the spirit of Ferdinand Porsche. I love this hand made aluminium excellence.
    I made a 2/3 rds scale auto union for my boys to drive. It took me 2000 hrs to design and make from photographs. Only then can you appreciate the time and skills needed for this type of work.
    Well done sir.

  8. What a joy to see what you’re doing! I wish I could do the same in EU despite regulations here, still thinking about it tough…Great job, keep on the dream! Cheers Jean-Michel

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