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  2. Terrific Designs-can any of these be made roadworthy/street legal? Could I get a ballpark idea of the costs?

    • Hello Chris,
      I am impressed with your design especially that with the race cowling, similar to the roof line of a 30’s type 64. Very nice.
      I have worked for Porsche and Robert Bosch being a Fuel Systems engineer and when I was a boy, my father had some of the first Porsche/VW vehicles in the state of Connecticut. I actually had an original Speedster when I was in High School that we restored.
      I have some parts and engines and was contemplating talking to you about building a roller for one of my engines, perhaps a four cam. I could also provide some other original N.O.S. parts for the project as well.
      Let me know when it would be best to contact you by phone so that we could discuss further.
      Thanks So Much, All Best Regards!

  3. What an incredibly talented young man. He is definitely going to go down in history as one of the great masters of car design. Guys like Runge, who hand build cars seem to better capture the tactile details that most classic car enthusiasts value most. The raw, hand-worked metal, the beautiful curves, and incredible build quality all come together so seamlessly in Runge’s automotive works of art. Just as faithful bibliophiles anxiously await the next great novel of a literary master, so too do auto enthusiasts anxiously look forward to seeing what wonderful cars are yet to be produced from the mind of master automaker Christopher Runge.

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