RÜNGE CARS NORTH AMERICA can create and build exclusive designs for our clients. From seats, hardtops for speedsters and spyder’s to entire auto designs we pride ourselves on creating that which has never been. It all starts with a simple sketch as shown in the examples below from Chris Runge

The “MULSANNE” : A roof was typically needed for the high speed Le Mans Straight called “Mulsanne”. I’ve done the same in this concept. Clearly a C.H. Weidenhausen influenced design combined with cues from my Frankfurt Flyers.

The “AVUS” : A high speed machine with touring flare. Drive it to the banks at Avus, set records and drive home… in style.

The “R1″ is a design I first sketched out in 1999. The 91” Wheel based chassis sports a mid-engine 911 Porsche powerplant, tubular frame with 911 Steering rack and braking. The body is to be finished in Raw Aluminum with Matte finished accents done to the customers color choice.

The “MIGLIA” : My spin on Etceterini and Stanquellini designs from the 50’s. Fit for an Alfa tubular custom chassis or similar.

The “Type B” . An H Class inspired racer with British cues. Mid engine, Formula Ford or similar powerplant.

The “Futurismo” : My interpretation of what the future looked like in 1958. A speed capsule built for two. Mid engined COA (Cab Over Axle) design with Porsche running gear.


4 thoughts on “Design

  1. Wonderful design and handcraft! This is an authentic racer and I would like to have one of this Miglia typ. I am a german living in Belgrade/Serbia. What a toy;-))

    Please let me know what you can do. I think after having you “advertised” in german weekly Spiegel you get more of this typ of emails. Anyhow – njoy – and would like to here from you once you have time and are in the right mood to reply.

    Regards Falk Holtmann

  2. Wow a 356 admirers for years your work resonates a deep vien in me. I have never owned a Porsche even though I have the money. I have tweaked a 64 bug 71 coverttable gia and a 67 type 3. You though are a mecartis, mechanic artist. I would drive the snot or carbon out of your cars. Art plan and simple art.

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