RUNGE CARS began in a rural Minnesota barn. The very place where Christopher Runge, 25 years prior sat in his first Porsche while it was being stored for the winter season. That Porsche left an impression on Christopher that he would never forget. A lifelong passion for the Automobile and more specifically Post WWII German design grew as Christopher owned and modified several Porsche vehicles over the years. In 2011 he departed on a new journey, to hand hammer his own aluminum bodied car. The goal was not to build a replica but capture an era through a simple yet beautiful design. In the process Christopher applied Traditional European Coachwork techniques to build the Prototype “Frankfurt Flyer” Sports Racer. RÜNGE Cars was born.

Photo: Jared Auslander

Finally in the spring of 2012 the barn door rolled open and out of the stalls came an Aluminum Bodied, Buck Built Racer.  Attention to design, function and form, The desire for a pure motoring experience, the connectedness that has been lost in today’s automotive world… The very virtues of Post WWII Motoring that have been lost are reborn in this automobile. Christopher states, “It’s my time machine, clearly the look and the sound are something out of the past but at the same time, the aesthetics are futuristic… The car offers so much in such a simple yet elegant package. You see it, you feel it, you hear it and then you open the cockpit, climb in and start the engine. The smell of race fuel and leather, the shifting and responsive mechanics it all came together exactly how I imagined.”

Photo: Erik Olsen

Photo: Erik Olsen

As FF001 gained the attention and admiration of the motoring world at large fellow enthusiasts began placing their orders for the Frankfurt Flyer design. Christopher has set out to produce the cars in limited numbers, each one designed to the customers specs. Shown below, FF004  with more “Touring” cues while retaining a “Track Ready” feel and appearance. Every design is slightly different making each car unique to its owner.

Photo: Chris Runge

Christopher is preparing to introduce a series of coachbuilt auto designs available to fellow enthusiasts based on different eras and country of origin. The designs are era specific starting from 1947-1995. RÜNGE CARS can provide panel replacement, repair or reskin an entire body for your vintage sports car. We can also design and build from scratch, your very own coachbuilt automobile.



Christopher Runge

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  1. Congratulation, fantastic devellopment, great job. Would like to learn to do the aluminium job.
    I am also building a replica car. TVR Grantura. Only hobby.
    Good luck
    Klaus Witzig

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  5. Simply flabbergasted ! A lost art revived by such a young man. Impressed to say the least ! I’m sure you will grow a healthy, rewarding business from your EXCEPTIONAL skills. Thank you, Chris !

  6. Very cool Chris. Someday when I’m rich and famous…

    You mention your Family was from Frankfurt’s environs, and I wondered where. My mother was born in Sannerz and moved to Grossauheim am Main (now incorporated into Hannau) where she grew up.

    Kudos for your craftsmanship and artistic eye!

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